Brune Devon - Art inspired by the supernatural fantasy thriller, The Storm Tower.

Brune DeVon in the Supernatural Fantasy Thriller, The Storm Tower

Art inspired by the supernatural fantasy thriller, The Storm Tower! Brune DeVon, one of the mysterious brothers who comes by circumstance to the Painted Tower in the storm. Here, he’s seen working in Vardan Talanth’s alchemical laboratory high up in the tower. This is the second in a series of images I’m experimenting with to provide a better glimpse at

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Grashnuk from The Storm Tower by Dan McGrath

Meet the Rogue Prince of the Winds! Art Inspired by The Storm Tower

Meet Grashnuk, exiled prince of the winds, inspired by my supernatural fantasy thriller, The Storm Tower. This is the first in a series of images I’m experimenting with to provide a better glimpse at elements from the magical setting of this and future stories set in this world. Haven’t read the Storm Tower? Get a copy, today. Kindle Edition is

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The Storm Tower

New Book, The Storm Tower now Available

My latest book just released on Amazon! Paperback edition now available from Barnes & Noble, too! The Storm Tower is a bit different than what many will be used to seeing from me, but it gets back to my roots in science fiction and fantasy. Uneasy alliances are tested when magi of factious clans are forced to shelter together in

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Male Victims on Isolated: Men can be victims, too.

Isolated Podcast: Men can be Victims, Too

| Isolated podcast: Bringing to Light Male Victims of Domestic Abuse – Men can be Victims, Too! | The Adventures of Dan and Tina book and blog were featured in an interview with author Dan McGrath on the Isolated Podcast. Check it out and learn more about male victims of abuse with multiple podcast episodes examining different cases and elements

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The Adventures of Dan and Tina: Get my Book for Free!

My book, The Adventures of Dan and Tina: Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse is available for free this weekend, only on Hurry and get your totally free, full Kindle Edition before the offer ends. Regular price, $9.99. Paperback and Hardcover editions are also available. Get your copy now. In The Adventures of Dan and Tina, insights and answers

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Narcissistic Abuse Affects Men, Too!

In the world of what’s written on narcissistic personality disorder and the victims of people possessed of it, there appears to be an imbalance of genders. Most writing on the subject chronicles male narcissists tormenting female empaths – at least when dealing with romantic relationships. Narcissistic abuse affects men, too! It’s my studied opinion that the apparent gender bias is

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Narcissistic Triangulation

Narcissistic Triangulation Explained

| What is Narcissistic Triangulation? | This is something I get asked about a lot. Maybe I should create a FAQ page. For now, I’ve tried to answer this question for the blog. Narcissistic abuse takes many forms. Some of the more common devious tricks of a narcissistic abuser are gaslighting, humiliating and belittling and triangulation. This article will

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Healing long-term damage after narcissistic abuse

Lasting Damage After Narcissistic Abuse

| Healing After Narcissistic Abuse Takes more than Time, Alone | People who have been subjected to narcissistic abuse may suffer long-lasting symptoms that adversely affect quality of life afterwards. The cluster of symptoms commonly associated with narcissistic abuse could be diagnosed as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) or Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome. I use narcissistic abuse here as a

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