The Storm Tower

Fantasy Fiction Without the Woke! Get The Storm Tower for Free This Weekend

| The Storm Tower is a Thrilling Fantasy Adventure Story for Young Adults of All Ages – And it’s Rare New Fantasy Fiction Without the Woke! | Uneasy alliances are tested when magi of factious clans are forced to shelter together in a mysterious old watchtower. There are ancient scores to settle and mistrust runs deep. Everyone has something to

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Voter Fraud in Connecticut - Election Integrity Watch - CT Politics TV

My Interview on CT Politics TV – Voter Fraud in Connecticut and Around the Nation

| CT Politics TV interviewed me about voter fraud in Connecticut and around the nation | Dr. Amy Chai, a regular contributor to CT Politics TV reported on a slew of voter fraud charges in Bridgeport Connecticut involving ballot harvesting and interviewed me more broadly about how voter fraud affects elections in the United States and my new book, The

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