The Voter Fraud Manual by Dan McGrath

The Voter Fraud Manual Official Release on Feb. 1st

Longtime Elections Activist Releases Handbook on Voter Fraud CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW Minneapolis – Longtime Minnesotan election integrity advocate, Dan McGrath this week released The Voter Fraud Manual. He’s calling his new book “the ultimate guide to voter fraud and election integrity,” wherein all manner of fraud is examined, from how it works to how to stop it, using

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Banner- Raleigh Talanth Climbing the Belfry in The new supernatural fantasy thriller, The Storm Tower

Raleigh Talanth Climbs The Storm Tower in this Supernatural Fantasy Thriller

New Fantasy Art from the Supernatural Fantasy Thriller, The Storm Tower:  Raleigh Talanth Climbs the Belfry Roof The young mage Raleigh Talanth climbed to the pinnacle of the Painted Tower amid the tempest in a desperate life or death ploy to defend his friends from a terrifying doom. This is the fifth in a series of new fantasy art images

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Stuffing the ballot box painting

MN Dems Plan Big Election Changes – Help Equip the Opposition

Major Election Changes (for the worse) Being Debated Democrats have just taken control of Minnesota’s legislature and one of their first orders of business is a package of radical election law changes. What they’re trying to do is predictable and none of it is good for integrity of Minnesota’s already shaky election system. HF 3 is the bill that, among

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Ouranos King of the Sky Realm from The Storm Tower

Ouranos, King of the Sky Realm – New Fantasy Art from The Storm Tower

New Fantasy Art from the Supernatural Fantasy Thriller, The Storm Tower:  Ouranos, King of the Winds Holds Court in the Sky Realm King Ouranos is the father of wayward prince Grashnuk. Ouranos holds dominion over the Sky Realm and all the wind elementals, slyphs and other creatures who live in that parallel plane of existence. This is the fourth in

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