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I’ll just be piling some of my silly indulgences here – short films, music production, drawings and the like.

Future Tense

It will take another year to build, but Mike’s time machine is already working, with potentially disastrous personal consequences.

Future Tense is a no-budget short film written and produced by Dan McGrath, directed by Cris Croissant and exhibited at film festivals around Minnesota in 2006.

It was picked an “Ego Fest Favorite” by staff at the Brained, MN film festival.

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Gangsta Government was a fun project my then Boss, Jeff Davis assigned me at Minnesota Majority. Lyrics by Jeff Davis, myself and the Infidel. I wrote the music and recorded the Infidel in our seminal radio and podcasting studio back in the bunker. I shot and edited the video. The original version got around 50,000 plays in the first couple weeks and it even picked up some press. Even though it’s a dig on my work, my favorite write-up was by Nick Pinto in City Pages because the writing just amuses me. I’d (apparently) mixed it too bass-heavy and the more conservative audience that might have been more used to twangy howls and slide guitars complained that the rap was hard to understand, so I remixed it to clean it up a bit. The new version hasn’t been as popular. Which is better?

The YouTube Channel has all of the old Minnesota Majority, Protect My Vote and Election Integrity Watch videos archived and will be a platform for exciting new videos, coming soon!


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