Future Tense

Future Tense – A Short, No-Budget Sci-Fi/Thriller – Just for Fun

| His Time machine will take a year to build, but it’s already working, with potentially disastrous personal consequences. |

While working at an advanced quantum physics laboratory, Mike develops an idea for a time machine that will actually work, but he has to keep his despondent friend Dave from hijacking it, before he can even build it.

My entire life is not politics. This project was just for fun!

Future Tense is a short film I wrote and produced in 2006 for local film festivals. It’s a sci-fi thriller that I envisioned could be reworked into a kind of spooky, somewhat funny  feature length film, but I never got around to writing the expanded script for that.

Ego Fest Favorite – the film was chosen an “Ego Fest Favorite” by the staff of the Brained, Minnesota-based film festival in 2006.

Future Tense was a “no-budget” project that probably actually cost about $1,000, all told. Semi-professional and very talented local actors worked for food and the experience to bring my characters to life. MCTC film school alum Cris Croissant directed the action and I handled the music, editing and special effects.

We’d worked with all the actors on prior Minnesota-made “Subversive Pictures” projects (that I’ll be bringing forth in a while) and found them to be fabulous. Future Tense stars Andrew Cleveland, Nathaniel Westover, Claire Cooke and Mary Karcz (who was also our gifted stunt coordinator).

Future Tense DVD

Bonus Features


Original Production Trailer

Future Tense Extended Theme Music video


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