Media Appearances


Fox News: Stealing your Vote – Minnesota Segment (4/23/12)

KSTP – Free Minnesota Lawsuit to End Walz’s Emergency Powers (4/29/20)

KSTP Voter ID Debate vs. Tom Horner

PBS/TPT2 Almanac: Voter ID Debate (7/27/12)

Fox 9 News: Are Prosecutors Trying To Conceal Minnesota’s Felon Voter Problem? (7/15/10)

PBS/TPT2 Almanac: Voter Fraud? (7/16/10) YouTube Channel

Articles (Newspapers/Zines/Blogs)

Supreme Court News CollagePioneer Press: Time for a 21st Century Voting System in Minnesota (1/27/11)

MinnPost: Two sides, two Dan McGraths in voter-ID issue: ‘It’s funny until it isn’t’

Pioneer Press: Voter ID: ‘It Should be easy to vote, but hard to Cheat’

Detroit Lakes Tribune: Day Care Providers fear they Would lose say Under Union

Fox News: Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota, Study Finds (7/12/10)

New York Times: NRA logo? #MeToo Shirt? Maybe. Justices Weigh Political Apparel at Polls (2/28/18)

Star Tribune: Supreme Court Strikes Down Minnesota law on Political Clothing at Polling Places (6/14/18)


Dan with Jack and Ben on Up and at EmClosing Argument with Walter Hudson: What it’s like to vote in Minnesota (8/17/17)

Closing Argument with Walter Hudson: Integrity Matters in Voting and Golf (6/14/18)

Closing Argument with Walter Hudson: Election Data Transparency Lawsuit (6/3/19)

Sue Jeffers Show: Dan and Sue Excited our case Going to US Supreme Court (11/18/17)

KFAI: Truth to Tell – Voter Photo ID (4 on 1 debate) (9/17/12)

Mitch Berg on the Patriot: Dan McGrath and Erick Kaardal Discuss the Election Data Lawsuit (4/20/19)

News Talk: Bob Davis Interviews Dan McGrath on 21st Century Voter ID Bill (2/13/11)

News Talk: McGrath on Unionizing Home Childcare Providers with Davis & Emmer (9/27/11)

Michele Tafoya on 830 WCCO: “Climate Gate” and another side of the anthropogenic global warming debate.


Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats put your vote at Risk by John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky – This book starts off with an in-depth look at Minnesota’s election system with research and quotes from Dan McGrath.


Testifying at the Legislature

Testimony on Early Voting Bill in MN House Elections Committee

Senate Testimony on 21st Century Voter ID Bill

McGrath Testimony at Voter ID Hearing (House Finance)

Public Appearances

Childcare Freedom Rally at the State Capitol, 2011

Dan McGrath speaking at 2013 Tax Cut Rally

Voter ID Debate Moderated by Bill Salisbury (Pioneer Press) at Metro State University

Press Conferences

MVA Announcing Certiorari at U. S. Supreme Court

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