The Voter Fraud Manual by Dan McGrath

The Voter Fraud Manual Official Release on Feb. 1st

Longtime Elections Activist Releases Handbook on Voter Fraud


Minneapolis – Longtime Minnesotan election integrity advocate, Dan McGrath this week released The Voter Fraud Manual. He’s calling his new book “the ultimate guide to voter fraud and election integrity,” wherein all manner of fraud is examined, from how it works to how to stop it, using proven, real life examples.

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Author Dan McGrath has extensive experience working in and around politics and elections for over fourteen years, having served as a president and executive director for different non-profit groups, a communications director and a registered lobbyist. He was the founder of Election Integrity Watch, past president of Minnesota Majority and the chairman of Protect My Vote.

Dan has also launched several successful lawsuits against different levels of government and won election-related cases in the Minnesota Supreme Court as well as the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

His work on election fraud research has been featured in numerous local and national TV and radio programs and newspapers. That same research also ultimately led to a record number of voter fraud convictions.

Despite the book’s provocative name, McGrath doesn’t want anyone to use the information in it to commit voter fraud.

“I want people to have a good understanding of how this works and how to fix it, but I don’t want anyone using what they learn to go out and cheat the election system. I consider voter fraud akin to treason, actually,” he said.

The Voter Fraud Manual is available now at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble and other fine booksellers, nationwide beginning Wednesday, February 1st.



Dan McGrath, author, publisher
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  • Howaed Schneier

    59 judges,9 appointed by Trump said there was no evidence of voter fraud in 2020. Willian Barr said it was “Bullshit” Hannitty admited under oath e didn’t believe it for one second. Yet, the lie goes on and on.

  • Terence M Donnelly

    Trump had 325 Electorial Votes to Bidens 213 Electorial Votes at the end of election night :
    What happened for four days after that night was blatant ‘mail-in-voting’ Ballot Harvesting by any means, until Biden was FALSELY announced the winner of the election.
    There is no way in hell Biden received 80 million votes without overwhelming disproportionate mail-in-voting ballot harvesting.
    Democrat voter fraud. Everybody knows this..

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