Ouranos King of the Sky Realm from The Storm Tower

Ouranos, King of the Sky Realm – New Fantasy Art from The Storm Tower

Ouranos, king of the sky realm and the wind elementals. New fantasy art from The Storm Tower.

New Fantasy Art from the Supernatural Fantasy Thriller, The Storm Tower:  Ouranos, King of the Winds Holds Court in the Sky Realm

King Ouranos is the father of wayward prince Grashnuk. Ouranos holds dominion over the Sky Realm and all the wind elementals, slyphs and other creatures who live in that parallel plane of existence.

This is the fourth in a series of new fantasy art images I’m experimenting with to provide a better glimpse at elements from the magical setting of this and future stories set in this world.

This image is now featured in the Storm Tower Fantasy Art Calendar, along with fourteen other original works.

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If you haven’t already seen the earlier images from the Storm Tower, check out these earlier images depicting Brune DeVon, Grashnuk and Lana Arcana.

About The Storm Tower

Intrigue and murderous plots ensue when magi from rival clans are forced to shelter together in a mysterious tower. The tower is not what it seems, however and other dark forces are closing in!

A reader review:

Five Stars: “Good Stuff! A rather well told tale of magic and mystery, with interesting characters and secrets to unravel. I quite enjoyed it and would like to read more.

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