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MN Dems Plan Big Election Changes – Help Equip the Opposition

Stuffing the Ballot Box - Voter Fraud Painting - Election Integrity Watch Dan McGrathMajor Election Changes (for the worse) Being Debated

Democrats have just taken control of Minnesota’s legislature and one of their first orders of business is a package of radical election law changes.

What they’re trying to do is predictable and none of it is good for integrity of Minnesota’s already shaky election system.

HF 3 is the bill that, among other things, aims to:

  • Permit voting by convicted felons who are still under department of corrections supervision (Should Felons vote?)
  • Radically expand use of absentee ballots by automatically mailing them out every election cycle – an extremely insecure system guaranteed to pump up illegal ballot harvesting operations.
  • “Live” ballots will be sent out en masse without voters needing to request them ahead of an election – will result in loose, missing and misaddressed ballots as people move and die. Will create piles of misplaced “live” ballots at college dormitories and other high-turnover housing like apartment complexes.
  • Automatic voter registration (this doesn’t combine well for integrity when mixed with a parallel bill that will issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens) without the normal eligibility oaths and voter signatures now required.
  • Automatically register 16 and 17 year-olds to vote
  • Will, by law, conceal any voting that may occur by ineligible, underage voters from public view
  • Decriminalizes registering ineligible people to vote

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The Voter Fraud Manual will provide all the ammunition the opposition needs to put up a good fight so it’s our goal to provide every lawmaker with a copy as soon as possible.

The book’s release date is set for February 1st, but advance copies are being rushed to get them into legislators’ hands while they’re urgently needed.

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