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My Interview on CT Politics TV – Voter Fraud in Connecticut and Around the Nation

| CT Politics TV interviewed me about voter fraud in Connecticut and around the nation | Dr. Amy Chai, a regular contributor to CT Politics TV reported on a slew of voter fraud charges in Bridgeport Connecticut involving ballot harvesting and interviewed me more broadly about how voter fraud affects elections in the United States and my new book, The

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Mail ballots bundled

Beware the Left’s Mail-in Voting Scheme

Offered as an ostensible solution to social distancing concerns brought about by Covid-19, the national campaign for mail-in ballots should not be confused with current, state-run absentee voting systems. Despite what proponents say, it’s not the same. The Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020 was authored by two Democrat Senators, including Minnesota’s own Amy Klobuchar. There are many

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