The Storm Tower

New Book, The Storm Tower now Available

The Storm Tower book cover

My latest book just released on Amazon! Paperback edition now available from Barnes & Noble, too!

The Storm Tower is a bit different than what many will be used to seeing from me, but it gets back to my roots in science fiction and fantasy.

Uneasy alliances are tested when magi of factious clans are forced to shelter together in a mysterious old watchtower.

There are ancient scores to settle and mistrust runs deep. Everyone has something to hide, but the isolated tower has its own secrets and dark forces are closing in.

Out in the long moonless night, a deadly tempest rages, while inside, intrigue and murder ensue. Can the magi come together to defeat a powerful common foe and survive their unplanned stay in the Storm Tower?

Superb world building and fascinating characters will keep you captivated in this atmospheric, supernatural thriller set in a fractured land tenuously ruled by its magic-wielding elite.

The Storm Tower: Now in hardcover for $19.95. For a limited time, get the Kindle edition for just 99 cents!

Note: You don’t need a Kindle device to enjoy the 99-cent Kindle edition. Amazon provides a free app for android and iphone. I use it all the time and I love it!

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