Big tech Censorship of election integrity news, voter fraud information

Bypassing Big Tech Censorship – Election Integrity and More

Big Tech’s alignment with the radical left’s agenda has gone beyond apparent, into brazen, especially since the adent of the Covid era. And that poses a conundrum for a society that has become largely dependent on the internet for news, information, communication and organizing. Without directly banning inconvenient content, the big tech platforms often manipulate it in ways that deliberately

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Learning to be a Pilot After 50

Pilot After 50 – Too Old to Learn to Fly? New Aviation Video Series

Way back in ancient times, before the world’s collective knowledge was in my pocket and when I was still a somewhat irresponsible teen, I had both interest and opportunity to pursue a private pilot’s license. That irresponsible part, though… I didn’t get it done, but I always figured I’d get back to it “one day.” Thirty-odd years later, during the

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The Party is in Space

The Party is in Space (New Original Music Video)

Here’s a new 80s-inspired electro funk song I wrote and then decided to play around making a music video for. It features Roland synths, classic 80s drum machine sounds, robot voices and crazy neon animation. This is my first original music composition in about a decade, just having some fun experimenting with genres. The Party is in Space was influenced

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John Fund - Election Integrity Conference

A Discussion on HR1 and Election Integrity in America – Highlights

Election Integrity Conference Highlights Polls show that voter confidence in our electoral systems is at an all time low. In the 2020 election, the Covid 19 pandemic was used as justification for last minute electoral procedure changes that did away with a number of anti-fraud measures. Those changes were enacted solely by Democrat officials in several states, without authorization by

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