The Party is in Space

The Party is in Space (New Original Music Video)

Here’s a new 80s-inspired electro funk song I wrote and then decided to play around making a music video for. It features Roland synths, classic 80s drum machine sounds, robot voices and crazy neon animation.

This is my first original music composition in about a decade, just having some fun experimenting with genres.

The Party is in Space was influenced by the likes of Egyptian Lover, Freestyle, Midnight Star, the galactic funk of Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Rock, the Soul Sonic Force, The Time and whatever else funkadelic was rattling around in my head while surviving the madness of the pandemic and wishing to be whisked away to another planet.

Recorded on the Reason 11 Digital Audio Workstation, with several Juno 106 synths and the Arturia Spark drum machine. Robot voices done on the free TAL vocoder.

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