Why Narcissists Stir the Pot

My blog, The Adventures of Dan and Tina hasn’t been updated for a while, as I’ve been extraordinarily busy publishing The Storm Tower and The Voter Fraud Manual, but there’s at last some new content up there with my latest musings on how and why narcissists “stir the pot.”

| Narcissists Stir the Pot for Two Common Effects:  Supply and Control |

Narcissistic individuals live to manipulate and extract “narcissistic supply” from others. They are masters at playing mind games, exploiting vulnerabilities, and creating drama to achieve their objectives. In order to better understand how narcissists “stir the pot” to manipulate and extract narcissistic supply, let’s first look at what narcissistic supply is and how it relates to the behaviors of narcissistic individuals.

Narcissistic supply usually refers to the admiration, attention, and recognition that a narcissistic individual seeks to fuel their ego and sense of self-importance. This can come in many forms, such as compliments, gifts, expressions of admiration, and attention from others. Narcissistic individuals crave this type of supply and will go to great lengths to obtain it. They often see others as mere objects to be used for their own benefit, and will exploit anyone who they believe can provide them with the narcissistic supply they seek.

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