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What Everyone Should Know About the Government

Book: What Everyone Should Know About the Government: Minnesota Edition

Special Minnesota-Oriented Edition of new book Released

Minneapolis – December 10th, 2019

Long-time political activist and organizer Dan McGrath today announced the release of a new book on the foundations of government that aims to inspire Minnesotans to be involved. In a mixed historical-contemporary context, its underlying message is that individuals can play a powerful role in the political process.

What Everyone Should know About the Government covers the core principles of American government systems from federal to state and local. The first special edition is tailored for the People of Minnesota and touted as “a very quick study for beginners, an easy to read refresher and an essential reference guide to our founding documents and principles.”

“These are the things that inspire me. People tend to think they can’t make any difference in the political process, but I remain in awe of how much impact I’ve seen individuals make, so I put this book together to demystify the process and hopefully inspire some more people to take a hand in their own governance,” said author Dan McGrath.

What Everyone Should Know About the Government – Minnesota Edition Includes

  • Original Essays by Dan McGrath
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The US Constitution
  • The Constitution of the State of Minnesota
  • Key Excerpts from the Federalist Papers
  • Notes Clarifying the Constitution and its amendments

Book: What Everyone Should know About the Government - Minnesota EditionMcGrath has extensive experience working in and around politics and government in Minnesota. He has served as executive director, president and communications director for non-profit political organizations, a campaign manager for candidates, chairman of a ballot committee and a registered lobbyist. His past research uncovered hundreds of instances of voter fraud, leading to a record number of convictions in his state. He has also launched several successful lawsuits against the government and won cases in both the Minnesota and United States Supreme Courts. He has been featured in numerous local and national television and radio programs and newspapers.

The book, in paperback or e-book format, is now available for purchase on and

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