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Last week, Governor Walz stated that he thought it was unlikely that Minnesota schools would reopen before the end of the school-year. New distance learning protocols have been implemented and many parents are turning to homeschooling, all of which creates new challenges for families during this time of semi-forced “social-distancing” and isolation.

Here are some tips and resources for families dealing with these new academic challenges.

Amazon offers a vast array of education materials for homeschoolers and distance learners. See Teaching Materials and Homeschooling Books, for examples.

Students and parents are rushing to adapt to new education circumstances. Don’t panic! Keep calm and proceed at a comfortable pace. Without regular school hours and travel time to and from school, you can be more flexible to get the job done.

For those concerned about it, homeschooling or distance learning presents a great opportunity to provide an education free of the typically left-leaning influences of public school curricula and teachers. Involved parents will surely have a positive impact.

Where to begin?

Here are some links to help get you started with distance learning or homeschooling:

Remote Learning is an online community for educators, school support staff, and parents to share ideas, lesson plans, and resources.

Homeschool Mom has a list of homeschool organizations and support groups in Minnesota.

Minnesota public school districts, following guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education have implemented online distance learning programs for students enrolled in their districts. Check the website for your own district to access those specific learning plans. For example, here’s the distance learning page for Minneapolis Public Schools and the one for St. Paul.

The Minnesota Department of Education has extensive information on school closures and the implementation of distance learning on their Covid-19 Updates page.

If you have suggestions for other helpful resources during the school closure, please leave them in the comments!

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