Dayton-Appointed Judge Rules Walz may Continue Dictatorship in Perpetuity

| Free Minnesota Coalition will Appeal |

Ramsey County District Court Judge Thomas Gilligan, a Dayton-Appointee today ruled that Governor Walz may continue to usurp the legislative process in perpetuity.

Free Minnesota, a coalition of citizens and small businesses filed a petition for Quo Warranto lawsuit in May, alleging that the governor was beyond the executive authority granted him by the state constitution and has been exercising purely legislative power by issuing his numerous decrees in response to the Covid-19 virus. The lawsuit was joined by the New House Republican Caucus and members of the State Senate. Judge Gilligan found that the individual legislators lacked legal standing for the case, but didn’t rule out the Free Minnesota Coalition’s ability to sue.


Although the Minnesota Constitution and legal precedent against delegation of legislative power do not permit exercise of pure legislative power by any but the state legislature, Judge Gilligan OKed the continuance of an unjustified literal dictatorship that completely bypasses the representatives of the people. The governor may continue to bypass the legislative process indefinitely under Judge Gilligan’s ruling.

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