Old-School Minneapolis Funk, Revisited

Around 1985-1986, a friend and I used to jam out on some pretty dope music equipment we’d been generously granted unfettered access to. We were 14 or 15 at the time. We co-wrote and recorded about a dozen songs – none of them ever made public. The song featured in this funky new video is a 2021 instrumental update for one of those “lost” songs.

“Jenny” was originally performed on a Juno-106 with a TR-707 drum machine and not much else. There are elements of those instruments in this version, courtesy of the Roland Cloud, along with some new modern embellishments.

Waaay back in the day, we recorded this on an Audio Technica 4-track cassette machine, but in 2021, it was all done in Reason 11.

It was fun revisiting this all too brief period of my youth to recreate this song (it originally had lyrics, but I wasn’t feeling up to the challenge of singing for this remake).

Check it out on YouTube.

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