Narcissistic Abuse Affects Men, Too!

In the world of what’s written on narcissistic personality disorder and the victims of people possessed of it, there appears to be an imbalance of genders. Most writing on the subject chronicles male narcissists tormenting female empaths – at least when dealing with romantic relationships.

Narcissistic abuse affects men, too!

It’s my studied opinion that the apparent gender bias is a result of cultural pressures that make it more acceptable for women to share stories of mistreatment. I believe that NPD occurs about equally between the genders, but men are more typically shamed into silence when they are the victims of creatures so-afflicted. Society still doesn’t allow men to be the victims. Admitting to being used, abused, tormented and manipulated by a woman can be tantamount to proclaiming oneself weak, incompetent and essentially, unmanly.

That cultural stigma held me on the fence for some time before I decided to make my own stories public. I was ashamed of what I’d allowed to be done to me. Once I published my first few stories, Chris, a guy I once thought of as a friend began attempts to torment me – mocking and ridiculing my pain. He referred to me as a “whiny beta cuck” and sent rude messages assailing my manhood. It turned out that he had been carrying on an illicit affair with my narcissistic ex and had been a party to my abuse all along, however. He had joined Tina’s harem of flying monkeys. A mutual friend, while not “agreeing with” Chris’ “tactics,” still told me he thought I’d said “too much,” in this blog of mine. Sorry if wasn’t playing by the “rules,” but it’s not been a game to me. It’s my life and well-being I’ve been dealing with.

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