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It’s bad news for those of us waiting for a new toy or gizmo, but good news for people worried about the availability of staple supplies: Amazon is temporarily halting shipments from outside vendors to it’s warehouses to prioritize medical supplies and household essentials, like the highly-coveted toilet paper and sanitation products.

If you’d rather not venture into crowded supermarkets only to find them out of stock on many items or if you just can’t find that darned elusive toilet paper, it might be easier to just order your supplies. Amazon will get it to you quick.

This variety even offers free shipping: 6, 8 or 12 roll packs of toilet paper.

There are tons of options for hand sanitizer, too.

I was out scouring the pharmacies for a thermometer the other day. I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I gave up and ordered one from Amazon. I have to wait for delivery, but it’s better than hunting all over town and coming up empty handed.

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