The Adventures of Dan and Tina: Get my Book for Free!

My book, The Adventures of Dan and Tina: Enduring and Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse is available for free this weekend, only on Hurry and get your totally free, full Kindle Edition before the offer ends. Regular price, $9.99. Paperback and Hardcover editions are also available.

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In The Adventures of Dan and Tina, insights and answers are woven through a riveting true story of love, infidelity, betrayal, secrecy, gaslighting, crazy-making and ultimately escape and the road to recovery. Sometimes tragic and bizarre, it’s also enlightening and affirming. It’s a rare, personal look at what a romantic relationship with a cluster B personality disordered person is really like, from love-bombing beginning to the shattered end.

Gripping and informative, The Adventures of Dan and Tina will take you on a surprising journey through surviving and getting over narcissistic abuse.

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