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City Pages lies, but my Research Speaks for Itself

An article by Susan Du, with the cumbersome title “A Shadowy League of Vigilantes is Trying to Choke Access to Minnesota’s Polls” recently appeared in City Pages. I’m supposed to be one of those shadowy ne’er-do-wells, but that tabloid isn’t exactly known for objective journalism. Normally, I’d not give an article packed full of lies and dragging my name around in that urban rag a second thought. That’s just City Pages being City Pages. Since I differ with their extreme leftist dogma, no matter what I do or say, I will always be painted as the villain by their crack staff of Pravda wannabes. That’s why when Andy Cilek (the other mustachio-twirling antagonist of the story) asked me if I thought he should talk to City Pages, I told him it didn’t matter. “They’ll do a hatchet job, whether you talk to them or not,” I advised, based upon extensive experience. My professional opinion was that an interview would neither help nor hinder our shared mission of improving the integrity of Minnesota’s election system.

I was initially indifferent to the article, but I decided to step out from the shadows of my secret den of evil, and comment, because I take particular exception to the assertion that the methodology of my painstaking research has somehow been kept under a “tight lid.” From the start, I have always included meticulous details on exactly how my research was conducted so that some intrepid truth-seekers would be able to actually verify my conclusions for themselves, instead of blindly accepting or rejecting them based on what one’s ideology called for. My findings and the methods used to reach them have always been completely transparent and public. I have shared my research, methodology and source materials freely with members the press and lawmakers in the past. Notably, some people (Representative Ryan Winkler, for example) flat out refused to even look at it. That attitude puzzled me for a while, but former vice president and climate doomsayer Al Gore had this much right: for some people, the truth is inconvenient.

Most of my past reports on election issues are still available to read (including details of the research methodology) at ElectionIntegrityWatch.org.

And, since I’m at it, I have also provided reasons for objecting to convicted felons who are still doing time (whether on paper or behind bars) influencing our elections.

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