Boy Lessons – Jeff Johnson Wrote a Book

I’ve known Jeff Johnson for a long time. I first met him in 2006 at the State Fair, when he was running for Minnesota Attorney General.

I was immediately impressed by Jeff’s down-to-earth friendliness and intelligence. We’ve had many opportunities to ally and associate in Minnesota’s political arena over the years.

Jeff has run for governor a couple times, served in the state legislature and currently sits on the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. He also runs a non-profit that matches volunteers with seniors in need.

Now, he’s written a book. In Boy Lessons: What I’ve Learned from My Sons, Jeff shares a secret about being a dad that he’s learned along the way: When you’re raising boys, you learn as much as you teach.

Boy Lessons is now available from Amazon and other fine booksellers. Check it out!

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