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Amendment Waters Down Newman’s Voter ID Bill

Although lacking eligibility verification, as introduced, Senator Newman‘s new voter ID bill was a step forward for improved integrity in Minnesota’s porous election system. Unfortunately, an author’s amendment adopted in the Senate Elections Committee takes it at least half a step back.

As amended, the bill eliminates vouching, but now replaces it with something potentially even less secure.

Vouching, at least, requires the assent of a second person to carry out. Someone intent on committing voter fraud by exploiting that loophole is obliged to find a co-conspirator to corroborate his story.

SF3571, in it’s current engrossment allows a voter to simply sign his own affidavit swearing he tried but was unable to obtain ID, in order to have his provisional ballot counted.

This is self-certification and nullifies the requirement to present photo ID. Granted, voters have to execute a second step to get their ballot counted if they lack ID, but it’s as simple as an additional signature and no corroboration is required.

Take Action:

Contact the authors of SF3571 and (politely) ask them to close the self-certification loophole and produce a bill that truly strengthens the integrity of Minnesota’s election system.

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  • Lori

    You law makers are weak and disappointing. It’s real simple. Get your iD if you want to vote in the state or country. You have 4 years to take care of business. Your coddling mentality is weakening and embarrassing to the world. Get it together and do your jobRIGHT. You could also think about non working tax payers maybe should not have the right to vote either. Think about it. Do you want a lazy system sucker making decisions for you? Hmmm. Makes a great point.

  • Sandy

    So who is watering this down? JUST MAKE IT A VOTER ID PERIOD!!

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